5 Dumb Similarities Between Taylor Swift & Nicki Minaj

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This week Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj, two artists on opposite ends of the musical universe, proved that they’re not so different after all.  Both artists debuted videos from their forthcoming albums that caused some controversy over their respective themes and content.  Instead of wasting any more cyberspace decrying what may or may not be offensive about the two videos, let’s just celebrate their striking similarities… the way Dr. King would have wanted.

After all, the arc of the musical universe is long, but it tends towards booty.

Here are 5 ways Taylor’s video for “Shake it Off” and Nicki’s video for “Anaconda” are actually the same.

1. They’re Both Fondly 80’s Nostalgic

Nicki 80s Taylor 80s


2. I Do What I Want Choreography
Nicki Chair Taylor Shake


3. Twerk Worship

Nicki Rump Bump Taylor Jiggle


4. Cootchie Poppin’

Nicki Crotch Taylor Booty Shorts

5. And a Childlike Fascination with Butts

Nicki Buns Taylor Crawl




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