5 Dumb Things About Jonah Hill

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Moving right along in The Wolf of Wall Street publicity parade, Jonah Hill stopped by Howard Stern‘s studio this week for some perfectly natural and polite conversation about his life in PICTURES!  

Maybe you’ve noticed that the actor has been on his best behavior recently with the promotion of The Wolf of Wall Street.  Could it be that his Academy Award nominated performance in the Martin Scorsese film has him on the charm offensive?  Or maybe it’s just a little well-timed course correction for his rising profile as a contemptible tool from his run-ins online and in the media over the past year?

Whatever the case, the actor, who is scheduled to host Saturday Night Live this weekend for the third time, was faultlessly pleasant during his sit down with Howard Stern.

Here are five things from the interview you might be surprised to learn about the guy:

1.  Jonah turned down roles in both The Hangover and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen to star opposite John C. Reilly and Marisa Tomei in 2010’s Cyrus.

2.  He called his mom to come cheer him up by spending two months with him while shooting a movie because he was lonely.

3.  As a voting member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, he votes for himself.  And he says anyone that claims they don’t is “full of shit.”

4.  Boxer and Wolf of Wall Street co-star Jon Bernthal punched him so hard in the face in a scene that it broke the giant fake teeth he had to wear for the movie.

5.  He can’t remember if Jennifer Lawrence auditioned for 21 Jump Street and if he turned her down for a part.

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