Beagle Bites

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Who doesn’t love puppies?  Obviously nobody.  And maybe that’s a problem. They have everybody fooled with their droopy eyed, pound puppy, I-Didn’t-Do-It faces.  Meanwhile they’re home all day watching those Sarah Mclachlan commercials and perfecting their pitiful pooch performances.  It’s manipulation and you fall for it every time.  As soon as you turn your back shenanigans ensue and when you leave for work in the morning they probably go through your personal records.

Not convinced?  Have a look at Lucy the Beagle helping herself to some chicken nuggets she probably didn’t even pay for.  When you’re done with this you should go check your credit report to see what else your scheming canine has been up to.




  1. Arthur

    OMG! That was wonderfully frightening. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, but it confirms my decision to keep my two beagles in the yard when I’m not home to watch them. Too smart for their own good.

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