Dumb Music We Love: Dream

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Before Diddy dreamed of launching his own cable channel, having his own vodka and tequila brands, or even making the band (the first time) he had a different Dream.

Back in a time before Diddy was Diddy and boy bands ruled the Earth the bad boy from uptown dared to change the face of urban pop music to the face of four teenaged white girls from California. Dream stomped onto the scene at the turn of the century with their debut album It Was All a Dream and their first single “He Loves U Not” was a declaration of war heard round food courts near and far.

The video for “He Loves U Not” features everything you want from pink pleatherette dancewear and dune buggies to the rotating room from that ‘N Sync video and, as you no doubt recall and agree, it deservedly spent 65 days on TRL.

You can pout your cherry lips, but this one is legit.

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