Dumb Music We Love: Louboutins

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Jennifer Lopez is as sure a star as we’ve got in this world.  For more than two decades she’s been a mainstay on every screen, digital device and reflective surface there is and through the years we’ve seen her many faces – each one a carefully styled, perfectly lit media event.

She’s a bonafide A-lister by Hollywood rights, but in 2009 she might as well have been back On the 6 going to a Fly Girls rehearsal.  It had been several years since box office gold and platinum albums and she was due for a comeback.  That fall she emerged from the hollow recess of a career slump with the promise of a new album and as collateral she offered up a synth-heavy, trumpet blaring, bombastic new single – “Louboutins.”

She premiered it that year at the American Music Awards with an elaborate Rocky themed performance which featured Jenny from the Block leaping from a human pyramid of sweaty, bare-backed dancers onto the stage and into an unplanned slip and fall.



Little did she know that the rest of her career re-boot would be characterized more by that tragic misstep than anything else.  That single and the one before it (“Fresh Out the Oven”) failed to gain any traction on Billboard and culminated ultimately in Lopez being dropped from her label the same week she was rehearsing for her first Saturday Night Live hosting gig in nine years.  The last time she hosted she  was celebrating the record-breaking feat of having simultaneously the number one album and number one movie in the country.  This time she was promoting an album that didn’t exist.

In another year she would be paid a whopping $12 million to be a judge on a reality singing competition show (American Idol) and well on her way to new fame among a generation that couldn’t tell you what a Homey D. Clown was.  The album she promised in 2009 (Love?) would eventually be released in 2011 on a different label, but “Louboutins” would be nowhere on it.  Stricken from the record (and iTunes) as though it never even happened.

For anyone that has ever been certain of something at the top of their lungs only to be dead wrong in the end and wanted to to erase the whole fiasco from the universe, this song is for you.  Check out the performance below before this page gets ripped from the history books.


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