DumbFounded, Vol: 1

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DumbFounded is our weekly digest of discoveries from around the web. Here’s where we give you our favorite images, articles, videos and tweets from the past seven days of internet. Among them you should find dumb things, fun things and miscellaneous another things.  Enjoy!


sometimes your hurdles are all in your mind
back that thang up
the bird and the bee
you lift me UP!
Pole Dancing 101
well shit
well fuck
yes, as long as it isn't running...
OMG cake!
OMG friskies!
and the gold medal goes to...
shake it off
Joan Rivers would have found this hilarious
Joan River


The Beyoncé Explanation

Why It’s So Hard to Change the Toilet Paper

Ikea’s Computer Generated Reality

Twenty Days of Harassment and Racism at American Apparel

You’re 16.  You’re a Pedophile.  You Don’t Want to Hurt Anyone.  What Do You Do Now?

The Chemical Compositions of Insect Venoms










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