DumbFounded, Vol: 5

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DumbFounded is our weekly digest of discoveries from around the web. Here’s where we give you our favorite images, articles, videos and tweets from the past seven days of internet. Among them you should find dumb things, fun things and miscellaneous another things.  Enjoy!


hello, weekend!
one way or another
everything's a competition
iPhone 6 Plus PLUS
home(less) office
doggy devito
sex tape
you too
honey badger don't care
the more you look, the more it moves
batman forever
gotta go!


1948 Letter to TIME on Truman Capote and Homosexuality

How to See Ben Affleck’s Penis in Gone Girl

Why Some Men Develop Signs of Pregnancy

Meet the Prison Bankers Who Profit from the  Inmates

Malcolm Gladwell is Full of It

How to Make Homemade Pop Tarts

How American Parenting is Killing the American Marriage


Reza Aslan Explains How the Media has Islam Wrong

Extreme Mountain Biking

I Don’t Know You, Floyd Mayweather

 Your Bars Can’t Hold Me

Who Ate the Cheese?



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