Eat My Shorts

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In a bit of crazy news (that for once isn’t out of Florida), we have a man who died in jail from overdosing on a pair of drug-soaked underwear.  That he ate.

A murder investigation is under way at the Jessamine County Detention Center in Kentucky where 33 year old Corey McQuery was found unresponsive in his cell and later pronounced dead from an apparent methadone overdose.

Fellow inmate, 55 year old Michael Jones, had apparently marinated his underpants in liquid methadone while he was out of jail on furlough for a funeral.  And thanks to Orange is The New Black that is a sentence that makes perfect sense.

Jones allegedly wore the underwear back to his jail cell where he cut it up and shared it with inmates.  McQuery fell ill, but wouldn’t say from what and he died the following morning in medical isolation.  It wasn’t until officials began asking around the jail that they learned the story of the traveling underpants.

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