F*ck The Poor?

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This UK charity organization has adopted an unusual position regarding the poor: fuck ’em.

The Pilion Trust, one of the United Kingdom’s leading charity organizations, took to the streets of London to conduct somewhat of a social experiment in hopes to engage people on the topic of poverty.  They sent a man wearing a sign saying “Fuck the Poor” out among the people of London’s busy streets and secretly filmed their reactions.

“The Pilion Trust is a small front line charity without the budget to make itself heard in paid-for media,” said Andy Bird, Executive Creative Director of Publicis, the company behind the campaign.  “We helped them to make a film that highlighted the discrepancy between peoples attitude when confronted with injustice and bigotry about poverty, and then their apathy when asked directly to help do something about it”

The charity offers assistance and a variety of services to the disenfranchised including food and clothing drives, temporary shelter and medical attention.  But in the face of declining charitable contributions and government funding cuts of 60% the charity wants to remind people to care enough to give.

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