Gloria Gaynor Will NOT Survive Your Naked Gayness

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Have you heard the one about the Disco Queen who walked into the gay bar?  It’s hilarious.  She makes everyone put their clothes on and be more Christ-like.

Gloria Gaynor paid a visit to the gayest bar in the gayest neighborhood of the gayest city in America to perform some new music.  Makes sense, right?  Where else is an aging disco legend supposed to go to hawk her wares?  According to TMZ, however, the singer delayed her performance until all go-go dancers were removed from the room and all shirtless men were removed from her line of sight.

Reportedly, the diva isn’t homophobic, just very religious.  Gaynor has previously said that she regards her status as a gay icon as an opportunity to shepherd gays to Christ:

“…I feel it is a platform for my purpose, which is to bring the love of Christ to all of my fans.

I want to lead them to Christ and what he has for them. I want to lead them to him, I want to lead them to truth.”

Gaynor’s defining musical accomplishment, “I Will Survive” has been a popular anthem of female empowerment and a de facto gay anthem for more than 30 years.  Why she decided to take her big gay songs down to the big gay bar (on Hustler Night) only to have everyone prude up for Jesus is unclear.

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