Lenny Kravitz is TOO Cool

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Lenny Kravitz is the coolest person you know.  Except you don’t know him because you’re nowhere nearly cool enough.  He’s the coolest person in your imagination.  If somebody asked you to come up with the coolest person conceivable, you would start with Lenny Kravitz and fail at any improvements.  Sorry.

Did you know he has a new album out?  Nobody does.  It doesn’t matter.  You haven’t heard a new Lenny Kravitz song in about 15 years and if you’re hung up on that, you (uncool person) are missing the point.  He has been making music, by the way, and making movies that are actually good and wearing platform shoes and rubber pants to run his errands.  You wore sweatpants to the post office.

Here’s Lenny talking to Wendy Williams about his personal style, living in France and the Bahamas, Lisa Bonet and watching Sex & the City with his daughter.  Ridiculous, is there anything else?


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