Oh, The Thinks She Can Think!

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Looks like Sarah Palin is still trying to convince everyone that she can read.  She already told us that she reads all the newspapers and the magazines that end up in front of her; this time she’s taking it one step further.  On Saturday the former Governor of Alaska dazzled a small crowd with her knowledge of a piece of classic American literature from one of our nation’s most treasured authors: Dr. Seuss.

Palin delivered the keynote address at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference over the weekend and, with the help of the Dr. Seuss classic Green Eggs and Ham, she offered a crowd pleasing, rhyming critique of Obama’s America.

So what, she used a children’s book with only 50 words in it to make her point.  Who cares, she appropriated the work of an avowed liberal Democrat whose very work she’s referencing probably has more to do with the Civil Rights Act of 1957 than anything else.  What’s important is that nobody wants her to run for president.


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