The Daily Show Embarrasses Redskins Fans

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The Washington Redskins have faced a wave of criticism recently from those who feel their name and mascot are offensive to Native Americans.  It is offensive to Native Americans, by the way, but that didn’t stop The Daily Show from making a debate of it.

Earlier this month Jason Jones filmed a segment with a group of actual, whole number Native Americans – not just the fractions a lot of us like to pull out of our family trees – and asked them to name their grievances.  It turns out the term “redskin” is derogatory.  By definition.

For the counterpoint, Jones also sat down with four diehard Redskins who took the opportunity to defend the name.  And then he brought them face to face with the Native Americans to talk it out.  And then they pressed charges, because that’s not fair.

The Redskins fans asked that the segment not be aired and complained to The Washington Post that they had been misled, made to look foolish and even felt endangered.  They probably just wanted to have some control over their image and portrayal in the media or some nonsense.

The Daily Show finally aired the segment this week and it is awkward.

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