When Keeping It Real Goes HBO

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We can see how you might have missed it.  It’s been a busy week, maybe you haven’t gotten around to watching this Sunday’s episode of The Leftovers on HBO.  Totally understandable. With the MTV Video Music Awards and The Emmy’s sucking all the entertainment air out of the room, even if you did manage to make time this weekend for The Leftovers your lightheadedness likely caused you to miss the most important part: a flash of a cameo by Quincy Tyler Bernstein.

Leftovers 1

The name probably doesn’t ring a bell, but fans of Chappelle’s Show (and that should be everybody) ought to recognize that face (the scowl in particular).  Here’s a hint: She doesn’t like people playing on her phone, least of all clap having Jezebels.  You guessed it!  It’s Brenda Johnson from When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong.

Keeping It Real

Check out the clip from Chappelle’s Show below, because it’s still pretty much perfect.  And don’t say we never did anything for you.

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